If Life Was A Cupcake

I read a true story today about a woman who went to a foreign country for the first time.  She loved the hotel pool and garden, but the moment she stepped out onto the street she was overwhelmed with the many rickshaw vendors crying out for her attention.  She quickly retreated inside the safety of the garden and stayed there for two days.

On the third day she ventured out to a guided tour. On the last day of her trip she decided to try the street again, hired a rickshaw driver and had the time of her life.

I wonder how often we have opportunities to venture out into the big, giant world God created, but we stay safely tucked inside the familiar.

When one of my sons was away at college he started dating a young woman and told me she was like a "cupcake without the sprinkles".  She lived in the next dorm, went to school all summer like he did, but he said they had little in common. It was a relationship of convenience.

After high school graduation, most of my friends went to the same university I did--the one in town. But one brave girl went away to college.  Then moved overseas for a job. I always secretly envied her for breaking out of what was "right in front of her".

About this time you see the point I'm trying to make. If you are living with a comfortable straight jacket on, you are either inspired or mad that your complacency is being challenged. Good! That means I got you thinking, or praying, or BOTH!

If life was a cupcake, wouldn't you want one with sprinkles? Call to action: what is it that you KNOW you should do, but you've been too comfortable to do it?

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