Hey You, GO!

I started sharing healing videos on a platform other than the usual social media sites. I realized that my Facebook friends and followers mostly consist of Christians, many ministers, and people of faith. Many of us seem to belong to the same tribe and speak the same spiritual language.

But I was amazed, once I broke out of this circle, to find how many people have never even heard of the great fathers of the faith like Kenneth Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Charles Capps, Norvel Hayes or even Reinhard Bonnke. That means the message these people carried was not just lost to them, it's never even been found.

It's up to us. If we truly believe that the Great Commission was Jesus' final word to the church, then that is where we need to focus. It's time to speak to those who've never heard, disciple those who have never been discipled and integrate ourselves into a community that currently does not have a tribe like we do.

The Great Commission starts with the word "Go". The KJV says "Go Ye", Ye means me. Ye means you.

How can we share our message today, not just with all of those in our social media crowd that enjoy it so much every single day, but how can we also share with those who have never heard it even once? Jesus instructed us to be fishers of men, not just keepers of the aquarium.

“No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once.” Oswald J. Smith

“God had an only Son and He made Him a missionary.” David Livingstone