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Healing The Past, Making Wise Choices, Living A Beautiful Life

Have you ever made a relationship choice that you regret? Have you ever made more than one? If you are tired of history repeating itself, I invite you to embark on a quest to figure out why. You see, if we don’t take the time to uncover the root cause and fix it, we will probably keep making the same mistakes that will waste decades of life and derail hopes and dreams.

Are you willing to stop, listen, learn, and correct? Discover how to become the most excellent version of you possible and do something extraordinary with your life—whether with a quality man by your side, or sublimely single. Let’s talk… about following your heart, seizing the life God specifically has for you, and getting to the place where you can truly say, la vie est belle. Life is beautiful. And so are you!

Foreword by Jerriann Savelle

Author of Happy To Be Me & Living Unashamed

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Healing From Heaven

The Same Medicine That Gets You Healed,
Keeps You Healed

Struggling to do life when we’re sick or in pain is miserable. With all of the technology and modern advances in medicine, why is disease still on the rise? Yet there was never a health condition in the Bible that did not have an answer. Multiplied thousands came to Jesus, and He healed them all, proving that healing is not the lottery; it is for everyone. 

Healing from Heaven is an eye-opening journey of real-life stories, told in the style of modern-day parables, to teach readers that God’s Word, which is His medicine, will not only get them healed but keep them healed.

Foreword by Dr. Roberts Liardon, 

Author of God's Generals

Healing Scriptures.pdf

Healing Scriptures

Downloadabe Scriptures from Healing From Heaven