Healthy Skin

Confidence In Healing

Your body is God's temple and your skin is the exterior. Taking care of your body's largest organ – your skin - should not be hit or miss! When God gives a specific instruction about your health, pay attention!  

Job was a walking pandemic in and of himself. But instead of succumbing to his feelings, he relied on his "knowing". It caused him to declare in the face of all the negative voices that surrounded him, "I know that my Redeemer lives." God restored double to Job as a result and he went on to live a long, strong life.

Recovering Your Health God's Way

We cannot break natural laws and think spiritual principles will still work. Don't buy into the foolishness that you can eat anything, not invest in your health, and even refuse medication your doctor prescribes, and think all will be well if you quote a couple of Scriptures now and then. What is ONE THING you can begin to do to improve your health?  Use wisdom, stand in faith, take steps on purpose to live long and strong!

Healing Scriptures

According to Proverbs 4:20-22 God's Word is not like medicine, it is  medicine. The same medicine that gets you healed, keeps you healed. But in order for medicine to work, it must be taken. Sit back, relax and receive a dose of God's medicine as Bible Teacher, Debra Gaskill, reads over 100 healing Scriptures. It will change you from the inside out. 

Some Things Get Set In Motion

When it comes to health challenges, some things get set in motion that may prohibit us from receiving God's best. Whether it's a poor confession, unhealthy lifestyle choices or negative mindset, let's turn things around and receive our inheritance.

This is a Special Edition! 

In this video we will explore:
1.) Making Jesus your family physician.
2.) Healing from the Word of God is a lifestyle, not an event.
3.) How to resist the enemy and fight the good fight of faith for your health.
4.) Do not allow sickness to become the "new normal". Nothing about sickness is normal.

A Miracle Settles The Issue

Crusade Evangelist, Dr. Mike Francen has stood on platforms before 400,000 people. His trumpet's cry has always been, "It's miracle time!" On every occasion God has confirmed His Word. Join us for a deep dive into the Word of God and if you need's miracle time!

It's Difficult To Fulfill Your Purpose When You Are Sick

Life On Purpose with Host, Beth Townsend. We discuss: your body is your temple and it's the only one you are going to get. Taking care of your body is your responsibility. Trying to fulfill your purpose with a sick body can be frustrating. Instead of going from healing to healing, learn how to stay in a healthy state!

"Hear & Be Healed"
Guest Appearance on David Stearman's "UP" Podcast

Hear & Be HealedDebra Gaskill
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Childbirth & Menopause

Supernatural Childbirth & Miraculous Menopause ~ God did not curse women, He cursed the serpent. Even though God told woman she would have pain in childbearing, Jesus redeemed her from it--completely paying the price. Nothing about women is cursed. They are not cursed and the seasons of life of a woman are not cursed. Live the blessed life God intended!! Walk habitually in His divine healing and divine health.