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Slow Your Roll

Today's Scripture: Proverbs 21:5. Slow Your Roll is a phrase used when you get too enthusiastic, too quickly, and make hasty decisions that can cost you dearly. Don't skim the surface of life! Slow your roll!

Govern Yourself

Self-pity and a bad attitude are like a stationary bicycle, you aren't going anywhere! God is interested in the fruit of a long-term character trait over the passionate high of a momentary snit. If you've gone AWOL from God's army, it's time to RE-ENLIST. It's time to leave the Goof Troop and join God's Elite Forces.

Preparation Time Is Not Lost Time

Have you ever been unprepared in life and missed an opportunity? Has lack of preparation caused you to veer off course? Prepared women: 1.) are favored and preferred 2.) are role models 3.) are ready to seize God-given opportunities. The TIME to GET READY is NOW!

The Law Of Kindness

The LAW of Kindness! Kindness is a law for a strong, dignified Woman of God. Even her children will say, "Hooray for Mom!" In a world that is drowning, who can you keep afloat by showing zeal to today? True women's empowerment is always displayed with kindness.

Your Passport To Excellence

God's original intent for women is excellence. You are a SUPERIOR quality helper. You are EXCELLENT! You have the same access to God, same leadership command from God and you come behind in nothing. This principle is the essence of "women's empowerment". BE EXCELLENT!

A Bold Move

If life seems unfulfilling and stagnant, it may be time to make a bold move. Let's learn a lesson from the four lepers in 2 Kings 7--why sit we here until we die? You will never "find out" until you "step out".

The Spirit Of Seeing & Knowing

God tells us in 1 Corinthians 12:1 not to be ignorant of the spiritual gifts. The gifts of the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge are often referred to as The Spirit of Seeing and Knowing. They are two of the revelation gifts and take the guesswork out of life in the spirit. They will save you time, energy and money. They will alert you to things to come and show you the condition of things right now. These gifts can save your life!

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