About Me




I'm a prophetic Bible teacher, Christian author, podcaster, missionary and healing advocate. For over two decades I've enjoyed conducting healing school in the US and Europe. Now, through the internet, I'm thrilled to teach divine healing across the globe. It is my passion to keep the Biblical principles of  health and healing alive so that others can experience the abundant, long life the Word promises.

Be sure to check out my book, Healing From Heaven. It's an eye-opening journey of victorious real-life stories, told in the style of modern-day parables, to teach readers that God's Word, which is His medicine, will not only get them healed but keep them healed. 


I'm also a complete Francophile. My passport was issued in America, but in my heart I'm French. Pictured above is a beautiful photo, just after a light afternoon rain, as I wandered through a village in the south of France.